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Our Trainer Group Arrives at Myanmar Project to Carry out Training
Issued Time :2018-03-29 13:56:30

A few days ago, the trainer group of O&M Power arrived at Myanmar power plant successfully, and began to carry out the actual training of the power generation to the Owner's operators.                                               

Familiar with field equipment & system     

After arriving at the project site, our personnel carefully visited each corner of production site to learn about electrical equipment and system condition in each specialization in order to get familiar with the actual condition about the power plant  regardless of the fatigue after thousands of miles of travel under the of leadership of Party A's Operation Supervisor in the power plant. They also carefully inquired operators on the site about the generation and operation conditions of unit, and communicated with Party A and the Owner very well about on-site training.

Technical exchange with field operators

Communicate with Party A and the Owner about the training

Field training


Centralized professional training    

Up to now, one of the "Six Specializations" trainer groups, the electrical specialization trainer, has begun field training.

picture/text          Tang Hongying   Myanmar Project Department

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