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Work Record of Indonesia Riau Power Plant
Issued Time :2018-03-29 13:27:35

Since our power engineers entered the Indonesia Riau power plant and carried out work there, the Project Department has rationally arranged the field work according to the actual situation with the correct leadership and strong support of the company and the engineering division. All personnel work in unity and cooperation, carefully guide the Owner's operators to perform actual operation, actively cooperate with maintenance personnel to eliminate the defects of all kinds of field equipment, and ensure the two running units can be operated safely and stably for a long time.

Elaborate teaching and training

Guiding the maintenance personnel to eliminate defects

On March 21, CEO of PLN Group (the Owner of the power plant) came to Indonesia Riau Power Plant to make survey. He fully affirmed the excellent work performance of our staff, and also expressed the willingness to cooperate with O&M Power for a long time. Moreover, he also hoped to build Indonesia Riau Power Plant into the best power plant of PLN Group under the joint efforts of both parties. Party A of the power plant also expressed its good will to take Riau Power Plant as the starting point to sincerely cooperate with us to open up the power market in Indonesia continuously.

Congratulations on safe and stable operation of the unit

By the end of March 29, 2018, unit No. 1 and No.2 in Indonesia Riau Power Plant have been operating safely and continuously for 115 days and 48 days respectively.

(picture/ text     Jin Guangyu   the Project Department in Indonesia Riau Power Plant)

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