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Core Competitiveness
    Core Competitiveness

  • Power plant full lifecycle management and service capability
    O&M Power formulates and manages power operation service as an industry, which gives itself the capability of power plant full lifecycle management.

  •  Good personnel training system and motivation system
    O&M Power sets up a professional training base that provides not only domestic and overseas power plant staff entrusted training, but also pre-post training for group employees including basic position requirements, national environment where project is located and unit acquaintance, service concept, team cooperation and other course. We made internal technical evaluation certificate system, assessment result is fully linked with payment, by which to drive the personnel to strive forward and make progress in order to supply best service for global customers.

  • Exclusive technologies and relevant qualifications
    O&M Power has accumulated a few power plant commissioning and operation technologies such as large fluidized bed optimized combustion adjustment technology, coke power generation technology, fluidized bed coal & mud mixed combustion generation technology, boiler coal & gas mixed combustion generation technology, large seawater desalination commissioning technology, nuclear chemical professional commissioning technology etc; with the installation & construction qualification and commissioning qualification authorized by national electric power department; passed hi-tech enterprise certification and ISO9000, ISO14000 and ISO18000 international standard system certification; became top 100 overseas service providers.

  • Service strategy of rewarding customers beyond their expectation
    It is required that the operation team must take safety as priority, make EAF possible high and UOT possible low; constantly improve units' operation safety reliability and electric energy quality dynamic balance; try to be pioneer among domestic units with same capacity and to create higher value for customers.

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