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Off-shore training for trainees from Bangladesh Sirajganj CCPP was successfully completed
Issued Time :2018-06-20 17:11:03

On June 6th, 2018, the graduation ceremony of off-shore training of Bangladesh Sirajganj CCPP Project was held in a power plant where the training was held. At the graduation ceremony, the representatives of general contractor and Owner's trainee group delivered the speech to congratulate successful completion of the training and express their gratitude to the organizer---O&M Power for its outstanding training and business services.

Issuing graduation certificate

Group photos of trainees

This training has greatly improved the skill level of trainees from Sirajganj CCPP Project and created favorable conditions for the safe commissioning and operation of the power plant in the future. The trainees have established profound friendship with us, and our considerate arrangement and services have been highly praised by party A and the Owner??s trainees, further witnessing the interactions between China and Bangladesh in electric power industry.
(Pictures/article training group Bai Caixia)

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