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100 Day's Continuous and Safe Operation of Sumsel Project
Issued Time :2018-06-20 15:44:56

As of June 16th, 2018, the Sumsel Project undertaken by O&M Power got a breakthrough of 100-day safe and continuous operation of units #1 and #2 for the first time since their commercial operation.

Field Project Team of O&M Power

According to Sumsel Project Department of O&M Power, the working performance of two units failed to be improved efficiently after the overhaul to both of them, which led to frequent occurrences of equipment fault and had a serious impact and restriction on the safe operation of units during operation. Considering the actual problem, the Project Department organized the experts to carry out failure prediction, summarize experience and carefully provide operation and maintenance instruction to the Owner??s operators to ensure the safe and stable operation of units.

Chinese and Indonesian personnel on site

During this period, the backfeeder of boiler #1 was red-hot and we suggested to adjust load and maintain the long-term stable power generation as far as possible under the condition without affecting the personal and equipment safety, striving for the maximum economic benefits for owner DPPS. Considering the rainy climate and real situation on site, we reminded the Owner??s operation for many times to note the harden condition of coal bunker to avoid serious accident due to spontaneous combustion of the bunker. In case of high temperature in coal bunker, we urged the Owner??s operators to switch over coal inlet and rap coal bunker periodically, thus decreasing the temperature effectively.

Beautiful exterior of power plant

When working on site, we have always stuck to the safe operation policies of ??safety first, precaution first and comprehensive treatment??; based on the solid foundation of professional knowledge and rich experiences, we have effectively improved the practical operation skill of the Owner??s operators, and been praised by the Owner DSSP and party A for many times.
(Pictures/article Indonasia Sumsel Project Department Jing Yanjing)

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