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Successful Coal Unloading in Causwagan Project
Issued Time :2018-12-01 09:21:14

At 4:02 am on November 17th, 2018, a good news that coal unloading was completed successfully for the first time was brought to O&M Power Kauswagan project.

The owner GNPower and the contractor SEPCC paid a high attention to the first coal unloading thereby, the project held a special technical disclosure before coal unloading to clarify the responsibilities After the coal ship arrived at the jetty in the morning of November 5th, the preparation of grab bucket and coal unloading equipment in plant was completed and the coal unloading began in the afternoon of that day.

Even though there were only 8 coal handling operators in project, in the spirits of ??special ability to endure hardship to fight??, they worked in two shifts and stuck to their posts day and night. Due to the frequent power interruption of external power grid, movable coal bucket fault and design defect of belt deviation switch, the scheduled 4 day??s unloading actually lasts for 13 days and 60500 tons of coal was unloaded until 17th.

O&M Power staff was highly praised by the owner, SEPCC and THEIDI due to their conscientious working style and dedication showed during this coal unloading. The success of coal unloading laid a solid foundation for the future job in this project.

(Article/ Picture Philippine Kauswagan Project Gao Guoqiang)

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