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??Emphasize safety, guarantee production and celebrate the national day?? in Tajikistan Project
Issued Time :2018-10-10 09:06:52

In the 69th National Anniversary of China, 160 staffs in Tajikistan project were working on the front line to celebrate the birthday of motherland in the manner of ??emphasize safety and guarantee production??. For the safe and continuous operation of Dushanbe 2nd power plant, leaders of the project department set up a series of safety measures: the anti-accident drill, the two-permit execution and supervision, the inspection of labor discipline, habitual unprofessional operation, quality of troubleshooting and the training performance of staff newly arried at site.

In the night of September 29th, the safe production meeting was held by project department. The project manager Mr. Liu Shoutong read the national day??s speech on behalf of President Mr. Qu, encouraging the staff to work hard and carefully to put an end to all unsafe factors, and showing the sincere greetings to motherland with practical action, and reporting peace to the company with practical action!

Safe Production Meeting in Tajikistan Project

Technical Disclosure Before Anti-accident Drill

Anti-accident Drill

Project Manager Mr. Liu Shoutong Commenting on Anti-accident Drill

Project manager Mr. Liu Shoutong and chief engineer Song Yunhui were checking the execution of ??two-tickets?? system

We believed that the staff in Tajikistan project would win honor for the country, make a great achievement for company and get a satisfied result for themselves. Wish our beloved motherland to be thriving! And wish operation of the Tajikistan project be safe and stable.

Tajikistan Project Department Li Genxu

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