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Work Record (II) in Angola Power Plant
Issued Time :2018-04-10 14:52:20

Date: 8 a.m., April 3rd, 2018

Location: Angola Power Plant, Africa

Task: power plant oil unloading and storage 

Early in the morning, under the sweltering sun, our O&M staff have already been on site for oil unloading preparation work before the arrival of oil tank.

This oil unloading and storage is the first cooperative operation between different units with high risk since special equipment is not commissioned with load. To ensure the safe and smooth operation of oil unloading and storage, our project department checks that on-site fire-fighting equipment is in place in advance, the actual condition of valves and pipelines is in good condition, power supply and operation panel are normal, the job duties are clear, and staff from other units all arrive at the work position...our project manager conducts the disclosure of 'Safety and Technology', carefully reminds staff of safety precautions of each position, and on-site preparations are ready. 

At 10:30 a.m., oil tank arrives at the site of the power plant. Connection, pumps startup, inspection, record... all the work is carried out as planned. At 11:15 a.m., the fuel oil unloading is finished, comprehensive inspection for system equipment is carried out properly, and the anti-misoperation measures are taken for the oil drain valve at the meter level of oil storage tank in order to prevent leakage caused by any misoperation. Until then, oil unloading work is finished safely and smoothly.

Picture/text    Li Xinrang  Angola Project Department

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