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Power Plant Work Record in Angola
Issued Time :2018-03-29 14:46:14

The Project Team of O&M Power has been in Angola, Africa for more than one month, and we have been working on the project for more than 30 days, except for one-week staying in Luanda, the capital of Angola.

Project Team of O&M Power on the project site in Angola

Due to domestic flight in shortage in Angola, we finally arrived at the power plant after a short stay in Luanda for one week. It is a typical African tropical climate, which is characterized with hot and dry climate, land desertification and water shortage.

In order to get familiar with the environment and equipment status in the plant as soon as possible, the team members braved the intense heat of summer under the scorching sun and dedicated themselves into the field investigation under the leadership of the Project Manager. After each shift, the work clothes were wet through and tightly attached to the body, but no one complained of hardship and fatigue. Under the circumstance that the Party A's equipment has not been handed over to the power plant completely, we have mastered the performance and operation process of all devices of the power plant in a very short time with our own detailed filed investigation, self exploration and rich work experience. When coming to our O&M personnel, Party A always thumbs up and speaks highly of us for our hard work and excellent skills.

On-site work disclosure

Familiar with field equipment

Complete field equipment labeling

For the Project Team of O&M Power, neither arduous working condition nor the loneliness means anything. As long as we keep original intention of "offering international power clients sincere and high-quality service", and hardworking, we will carve a career for ourselves on African continent, create good corporate image of the "first-class international power generation operator", show the brand value of the "Chinese power craftsmen", and win honors for our country.

picture/text    Li Xinrang from Angola Project

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