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O & M Pioneer in Africa
Issued Time :2018-05-04 14:29:04

It is in the late Autumn of 2017 when I first met Manager Wang. As the interviewer of the company's Angolan project, the impression he gave me is serious, rigorous, professional and formidable.

Heartwarming care is his attitude towards employees! This is the first time for all the members of our group in Angolan project of Africa to go abroad, except for our Manager Wang and one interpreter. Leaving home to the African continent, there is only endless solitude and solitary left after a short period of novelty, and staffs endure emotional fluctuation. Manager Wang seems to see through everyone's mind, with his own personal experience, gradually helps us get rid of the confusion in the sincere manner, so we could throw ourselves into work.

To attend everything personally is his attitude toward work. At the beginning of arriving at the project, Manager Wang asked each operator to have a good grasp of the site equipment performance and operating essentials. To ensure that the power station can be put into operation smoothly, once we have any spare time, he would explore the relevant professional knowledge with technicians of each party. When running the equipment for the first time after the equipment handover, he and operators meticulously and intently do every preparatory work to ensure that the generating equipment starts up successfully at one time.

Today, under his unremitting efforts and leadership, the production and operation of the power station has gradually been on the right track. Normally, Manager Wang should feel a slight relief at this time. However, you can still see his busy figure on the site every day, faded work clothes often are wet by sweat! He still always throws himself into work selflessly day after day...

picture/text   Li Xinrang   Angolan Project Department

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