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One-time Success of Generator Unit Synchronization in A Namibia HRSG Power Plant
Issued Time :2018-04-03 14:05:57

One-time Success of Generator Unit Synchronization in A Namibia HRSG Power Plant

On April 1st, 2018, the unit synchronization in a Namibia HRSG Power Plant, in which operation and maintenance are carried out by O&M Power, is successful, which indicates that the generator unit of this power plant has already met the requirements of operation and generation, and entered the stage of commercial operation smoothly.

Generator unit is connected to power grid and charged with load smoothly

In order to make sure that the generator unit of this power plant is connected to power grid smoothly, our Project Department on the site elaborately prepares Unit Startup Program and submits it to each specialization and operator  to have them get familiar with and practice standardized workflow of unit startup in advance; organize the preparation meeting for unit startup, coordinate all parties involved to determine workplace boundary, scope, operation authority and precautions so as to avoid cross-operation affecting normal unit startup, completely check dangerous points on site and take measures to eliminate and control them in advance

At 3 A.M. on the day of the unit startup, the operators of our party completely checked that all kinds of equipment and major (auxiliary) production systems of the unit are in good condition, operation isolation measures return to normal, personnel and preparation work meet the unit startup requirements. After getting the permission from local power grid dispatching room, the unit began to start up; as the steam turbine rotated to fixed speed as 3000 r/m at 9 A.M., electrical test was began; at 11:30 A.M., the generator unit was connected to the power grid and charged with load successfully. Each part of the unit is in good condition, and operation parameters are normal.

Unit startup site

After the unit synchronization, our operators closely monitored equipment operating conditions, carefully adjusted, operated, monitored and timely analyzed them to make sure that the unit equipment was operated safely and stably.

All parties jointly celebrates one-time success of grid synchronization and power generation

It is reported that this is a HRSG power plant built by a Namibian sulphuric acid plant, with generated power being up to 15mw, and it is the largest thermal power station in Namibia. Since our engineers entered the plant and carried out work from late November last year, the Project Team has overcome many difficulties in the process of implementing overseas projects under the strong support of the company leaders and the assistance of various departments (units). The power generation in the power plant is carried out in a safe, efficient and orderly way under the efforts and diligence of all the leaders and staff.

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