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Successful Backfeeding of Kauswagan Project in One Shot!
Issued Time :2018-05-15 13:44:47

On May 10th, the backfeeding of Philippines Kauswagan project, 4X135MW Coal-fired Power Plant, undertaken by O&M Power was successfully completed in one shot, marking that the project will enter the commissioning stage of individual system soon.

Standby transformer is successfully energized

6KV busbar is successfully energized

All parties witness the successful moment

It is reported that this backfeeding includes standby transformer energization and 6KV energization. At 8:18 am on May 9th, backfeeding of GIS on 69KV line was completed successfully; at 8:26, the first time of power shock of standby transformer was finished and it was going to be energized for 24 hours; at 10:36 am on May 10th, 6KV1A/1B section and common sections OA, OB of unit #1 were energized successfully.

In order to ensure the success of this first key node in Kauswagan project, our operation and management personal organized the personnel to go to site to check and confirm the system and electrical equipment meet energization conditions at 4 am on May 9th. At 5 am, we had a safety and technical disclosure with the Owner, dispatching party, general contractor, commissioning party and installation party. Backfeeding operation began at 6 am and GIS energization was successfully completed until 8:18. As per requirement of the Owner , 6KV busbar was energized successfully on May 10th 24 hours after energizing standby transformer.

Execute LOTO program to energized section 1A/1B of unit #1

Although the backfeeding had been delayed for several times due to field equipment and external power grid dispatching, etc., none of our was slack. They check each operation and equipment carefully and repeatedly, take all isolation measures and perform simulation operation well to make sure everything was all right. Meanwhile, management and technical personnel from Project Department have closely contacted with all parties on site to conduct joint inspection and defect rectification, making a great contribution to the success of this key node.

Joint inspection on site

The success of this backfeeding has created the favorable conditions to the subsequent individual trial operation, commissioning and whole-set trail operation of the unit. All of our staffs in Project Department will continue to exert themselves to and play a greater role in major nodes and unit trail operation with more enthusiasm and higher technical skills in the future.

Article/Picture Philippines Kauswagan Project Department   Gao Guoqiang

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